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You're meeting with someone who is going to decide on your promise for the future. It's really the most uncomfortable situation but you have to face it. Here are the list of the interview skills that will improve your interview experience and help you in your quest to get hired.


The key to success in an interview is always to prepare for it earlier. What basically should your preparation encompass? I suggest you research possible interview questions that are most likely to be asked in your line of work.You should also read thoroughly the job descriptions so that you are capable of discussing the position and the requirements associated with it. The moment you do these and formulate appropriate answers to those questions you will feel prepared and this will help build your confidence.

2.Speaking skills 

Think of someone that talks first, mumble and speak rather unclearly, would you recommend them if you were the interviewer? Certainly not since it depicts some lack of confidence. You need to think about your speaking skills and work on them prior to the interview. Practice mindful speaking, speak slow,maintain a sense of calm and have in mind that your interviewer should be able to hear everything you say without difficulty.


Showcasing your ability to be a good listener is such a critical thing since at some point you're going to meet perhaps more than two people in the interview. Listening skills depicts your thoughtfulness and ability to work on a team. Moreover, failing to practice listening skills may lead to you missing some point of a question and give a less than impressive answer. Be in the moment and give the interviewer the best respect they deserve

4.Show interest,not desperation

Your interviewer's main goal is to have the best candidate not the most desperate candidate. Prove your qualifications for the job. No matter how much you need the job, it is critical that you refrain from pleading or begging. It creates an uncomfortable and unprofessional situation.. 

5.Show gratitude 

It is important that you end up an interview on a high note. At least show some gratitude to the interviewer for taking their time and getting to know you and present you with the interview opportunity. You should write a follow up email later that day to further communicate your interests in the position. Be patient once you have sent the email. You can however reach out again with a telephone call or email inquiry if you do not hear from from the interviewer within two weeks. 


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